Wilderness Forest Animals Green Black Brown Toddler Quilt


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This style of quilt is larger than the average baby quilt making it also great to use for toddlers or a lap blanket for adults. The backing on this quilt is a soft flannel to ad additional warmth and the cuddle factor to the quilt. I have been making quilts since 2001 and they do stand up over the years. Great quality for your loved one or yourself.
This quilt is made with quality quilt cotton. All the fabric I use is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and color bleed.
The Quilt is finished with poly/cotton batting, which also does not shrink. Making this quilt machine washable and dryable.
It measures Approximately 40 inches X 45 inches (100cm X 112.5cm). Fits a crib.
I have a smoke and pet free home
*I do get requests to use Minky in my quilts. The answer will always be NO! Minky is a fleece. Fleece is made from recycled plastic. It is melted down and spun into a fine web, similar to cotton candy. These fibers are then squashed together to create the fabric. This is an amazing way to re-use a product that would otherwise be filling a landfill. However it IS PLASTIC!! Minky also lets go of little fibers that float in the air that your child is breathing in, they are plastic and get stuck permanently in the lungs. Please be aware I know it is an amazing soft fabric and lasts a long time (plastic lasts forever) but I will never recommend it for a baby.


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